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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1. Unite the Youth of the world for Jesus Christ.
2. Put emphasis on Christian Discipleship, the Holy Ghost, the Power of the Blood of Jesus and genuine commitment.
3. Minister complete salvation.
4. Bring deliverance, healing and victory.
5. Instil a Spirit of Evangelism amongst the Youth today.
6. Encourage members to play a more meaningful role in their broader communities.
7. Promote active involvement of Youth in Community Projects.


To achieve these aims the HYCM will engage in the following activities:
• Ministering through music
• Conduct open airs, cottage meetings, counselling and campaigns.
• Conduct workshops and Seminars
• Intercede for our country and other countries worldwide.

Membership in the HYCM is open to anyone who confesses Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour; and who agrees with the Movement’s Statement of Faith (found in the Constitution).
There is no sexual, racial, economic status and/or disability barrier to membership. Salvation is a compulsory prerequisite.
We believe you cannot preach the good news unless you have tasted of the Good Lord.
The HYCM, as mentioned earlier, is not a church but it is designed to support the church in its evangelistic mission.
We have noted that it is the concern of many pastors and parents that we seem to be a bunch of young people only, which raises suspicions of unholy lifestyles. We would love to indicate that the oldest member of the HYCM is 34 years old and the present President is a 29-year-old lecturer of the University of QwaQwa. That to us is a responsible individual. We do have teenagers, but our mission compels us to be disciplined. Our doors have always been open to visitors to come and see if we are doing the right thing. Parents, Pastors are as welcome in the HYCM as well as 14-year-old teenagers.
Member of the HYCM have total respect of the leadership and if there is need for disciplinary action, members always repent.


It is a voluntary movement or fellowship of Youth from different denominations.
The HYCM is registered as a Non Profit Organization (007 – 994)
It was started as a result of God’s call upon a few brothers in Springs in 1985. Their singing and open airs and cottage meetings drew a lot of people who came to witness what God was doing through young people.
The HYCM is not a church organization; it however, works hand in hand with ministers and ministries in serving the same purpose of evangelising the world and encouraging spiritual growth amongst young people.
This movement is a proof of the things that God can do through young people in the last days of the pouring out of the Spirit.
Member of the HYCM have total respect of the leadership and if there is need for disciplinary action, members always repent.

The HYCM is managed by a committee (NEC) elected at the Annual General Meeting. There are other structures of governance.
We have been advised that we have the capacity to be a church, but we have always recognized that being a church will derail us from our interdenominational calling. Even our constitution states: Under no circumstances will the HYCM be converted into a church.
The HYCM has never encouraged young people to be involved in immature romantic relationships. We remain committed to preaching a lifestyle that reflects Christ and that avoid even the look of sin. Any exception in our camp can be found in any other church, organization or group.
The HYCM has about 14 branches in South Africa and three associates (branches) in the USA. These are KwaThema, Tsakane, Duduza, Daveyton, Botleng, Ekangala, Mhluzi, Witbank, QwaQwa, Welkom, Kroonstad, Heinnemann, Langaville and others. We have associates in Detroit, Washington DC and Los Angeles..
Should you desire to join the HYCM please call (072 453 9179) so that you can be directed to your nearest branch. GOD LOVES YOU.
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